Dirty Politics in Virginia


Ken Cuccinelli has accused Terry McAuliffe of not fully disclosing his financial earnings.  Terry McAuliffe has accused Ken Cuccinelli of not disclosing gifts he has allegedly received.  The Virginia Gubernatorial race is developing into a nasty war of words.  Over the last few months, both campaigns have launched personal attacks at the opposing side.

Both campaigns have participated in the mudslinging, however much of the research and organization behind the attacks is orchestrated by the Super PACS representing these individual candidates. According to Time Magazine, the group America Bridge backs Terry McAuliffe, while the group America Rising supports Ken Cuccinelli.  America Bridge is left-leaning while America Rising is right-leaning.  The Citizens United Case allows organizations like America Rising and America Bridge to collect an unlimited amount of donations to use however they choose.   For more information on this story read Time Magazine.

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