Chef Wants To Subpoena Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Todd Schneider, the former chef to current Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, is formally requesting to subpoena Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. In a move that surprised many, lawyers representing Schneider claim that it is vital Cuccinelli appear in court on July 8 to testify in the theft case against the former chef.

Schneider’s representatives released a statement saying, “The testimony of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and SAAG (Special Assistant to the Attorney General) Patrick Dorgan is necessary to establish the timing, extent, impact, and effect of the political, personal, financial, and legal conflicts of interest of the Office of the Attorney General for the 13 months prior to [Schneider’s] indictment and during which it represented both the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Office of the Governor.”

Cuccinelli and his representatives are unable to comment on the subpoena because of a gag order imposed by Circuit Judge Margaret Spencer.  Cuccinelli did however refute the motion in a brief:  “The nature of the testimony that the defendant assumes could be compelled from the Attorney General and his assistant is based only on speculative and unfounded assumptions and is wholly irrelevant to the defendant’s motion to dismiss.”  Cuccinelli’s office originally prosecuted the case against Schneider, but the Attorney General later recused himself citing conflict of interest.  For more on this story, please read Fox News.

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