Surprising Financial Campaign Decisions By Big GOP Donors


Can strong financial support be a sign of who will be the next Governor of Virginia?

A recent Washington Post article reveals that in the race for campaign donations, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is coming out ahead of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Why are some past Virginia GOP donors refusing to financially back Cuccinelli’s campaign?

Some may think that Cuccinelli’s focus on extreme social issues could be hindering him. The Washington Post reports, “Although several Republicans agree that Cuccinelli’s positions have contributed to his campaign’s financial shortfall, especially in Northern Virginia, only a handful of high-profile GOP contributors have defected to McAuliffe. Many more donors have simply chosen to sit on the sidelines. For now, at least.”

Read what Cuccinelli’s campaign strategist, Chris LaCivita, says about the Republican candidate’s current financial position. His article states, “Some of McDonnell’s most generous donors in 2009 waited until October to contribute, when it was clear he had the advantage.”

Could this be an indication of who will come out ahead in the gubernatorial race, or are voters just waiting to make any final decisions?

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