VA Delegate Barbara Comstock says Walmart Employees ‘Just aren’t that into the Union’

524479_10151182766681280_216954548_nVa. Delegate Barbara Comstock recently published an article charging Walmart union workers with having “diverted management and local police from their normal job functions” during protests for better healthcare, wage, and hours.

She argues that the protests are unnecessary and that the Walmart unions are only trying to acquire more money from those who join.

“Even with the agitation created by paid union organizers, real life employees are not inspired for the change that would mean more money out of their pockets…” says Comstock “Turns out they just aren’t that into the union bosses.”

She continued stating “… Most hardworking taxpayers find that federal and state laws and regulations on wages, workplace safety and discrimination policies already provide them, by law, what unions used to provide in the past – but without the bite from their wallets.”

A report published by American Rights at Work found that Walmart harassed employees by:

  • Making coercive statements, including threats of termination, discipline, and store closings.
  • Interrogating workers regarding protected concerted activity
  •  Surveilling workers engaged in protected concerted activity
  • Denying access to OUR Walmart members and organizers for purposes of protected concerted activity.
  • Prohibiting workers from distributing literature.

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