Education Funding is Decreasing in Virginia

891462358_b4836fefc6Republican nominee for Lt. Governor, E.W. Jackson, has proposed a new education bill to give home schooled children the same resources as public school children.

The Virginia Education Association reported that if passed the bill would result in a $100 million cut to schools that are already underfunded, which could potentially fire 1,700 teachers in Virginia.

Democratic nominee for the 13th District of Virginia, Atif Qarni, stated, “As a teacher I have seen first-hand, resources being cut from our public schools. My smallest class size last year was 34 students.”

Qarni’s opponent Delegate Bob Marshall’s voting record shows funding for education is not a top priority. He voted for a budget that decreased school funding by $620 million in 2010, an amendment to HB 30 that increased class sizes and against the Conference Report to HB 1500 that would have given $30 million to keep schools safe.

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