Virginia’s Hispanic Population is Upset with Cuccinelli

Telemundo_2013_LogoAccording to Telemundo Washington’s Hola Ciudad, the Virginian immigrant community is furious with Ken Cuccinelli. The Republican candidate for governor recently compared immigrant policy to pest control. To read Cuccinelli’s rhetoric, check out Huffington Post‘s coverage.

Jaime Areizaga-Soto, President of the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia, released a statement on Friday:

“Exigimos una disculpa al nuestra comunidad que está contribuyendo trabajando y somos tan virginianos como los demás, esto es algo para condenar y una pena que un oficial electo en Virginia haya hecho ese tipo de comentario, pedimos una disculpa.”

It translates to:

“We demand an apology to our community, which is contributing by working and is just as Virginian as everyone else. [The offensive language by Cuccinelli] is something to condemn, and it is a shame that an elected official in Virginia has made this type of commentary. We are asking for an apology.”

Cuccinelli has not responded to the matter.

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