McAuliffe Takes Unique Approach to Campaign Trail

6306132745_ef51f4a395According to the Washington Post, Terry McAuliffe has taken a unique approach to campaigning. The Democratic gubernatorial candidate is described as rarely seen without carrying his notebook in hand and jotting down notes about what the people of Virginia really want.

McAuliffe has taken on an authentic and humble strategy to win over Virginia voters. The candidate shows genuine concern for constituent needs and casual interaction.

During a 4th of July parade, McAuliffe took a more personal route to promote himself. The article reports, “In the extreme heat, McAuliffe jogged and sometimes galloped the two-mile route in hiking boots, sweat stains spreading from the knees of his khakis to his shirt collar. More sweat rolled off his nose.”

This new style of campaigning may come off as unsophisticated and non-political, but is this a bad thing? The real question is how the citizens of Virginia will respond.

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