McDonnell’s Legal Bills Come with a Big Price Tag for Virginia Taxpayers

Photo Credit: Political Activity Law
Photo Credit: Political Activity Law

According to a story from ABC 7 News, Gov. Bob McDonnell’s legal bills cost Virginia taxpayers $90,036 in June, bringing the total legal bills to $143,566 as of June. Former state Attorney General Anthony Troy (D), of Eckert Seamans law firm, was appointed by current Attorney General and republican gubernatorial candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, to represent McDonnell in the case against former Executive Mansion Chef Todd Schneider and “other related matters.”

Schneider is currently brought up on four counts of felony embezzlement for allegedly taking items from the kitchen during the two years that he worked in the Executive Mansion. He alleges he was told to take the items as compensation for private services he provided to the McDonnell family while also claiming the family would, too, take items from the kitchen for private use.

All this continues while the McDonnell family also deals with ethics issues of non-disclosure related to gifts and loans they received from Virginia-based Star Scientific CEO, Jonnie R. Williams. Although McDonnell has not been charged with anything in this matter, state and federal officials are investigating if Star Scientific or Williams gained any benefit from the gifts and loans. ABC 7 News reports that McDonnell and his family received more than $124,000 in gifts and loans. The governor did defend his non-disclosure, but has since apologized and reports that he and his family are returning the gifts and paying back the loans.

Only time will tell what the true cost to Virginia tax payers is. ABC 7 News reports, through June, representation of McDonnell has cost Virginia taxpayers around $230 per hour. Check out the full ABC 7 News story here.

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