Governor McDonnell Announces “Next Generation of Education and Workforce” Weekend

Brookhaven National Laboratory

After partnering  with the Science Museum of Virginia and Virginia STEM, Governor Bob McDonnell will hold the “Governor’s Next Generation of Education and Workforce Weekend” on September 27-28, 2013 at John Tyler Community College and the Science Museum of Virginia.

The weekend will include the Second Annual Governor’s STEM Summit, Education Innovation Reception, and High School of the Future StartUp.

McDonnell released a statement yesterday about the summit saying “Last year’s STEM Summit focused on the impact of education on economic development. This year, we want to encourage our stakeholders to continue to put these conversations at the forefront of their efforts to prepare students for the high-quality, high-paying jobs of the future.”

At the summit leaders in education, business, and communities across the Commonwealth will engage in the conversation around Virginia’s next steps in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Secretary of Education Laura Fornash responded to the announcement saying “I’m pleased to see Governor McDonnell continue his commitment to STEM education…This type of successful collaboration and continued focus on STEM education will reap dividends for Virginia students and for our economy…”

To register or fore more information visit

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