Va. Lawmakers Respond to President Obama’s Remarks on Syria

Obama syriaAfter President Obama’s appeal to the Nation last night on the topic of Syria and Bashar Al-Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons, Virginia lawmakers responded.

Senator Tim Kaine released a statement saying “Tonight the President made a strong case to the American people for why Bashar Al- Assad’s use of chemical weapons to kill Syrian civilians must have consequences.” He continued making reference to past wars stating “At stake is an international norm against chemical weapons that’s not only protected civilians around the world for nearly 90 years, but also the brave men and women we’ve sent to battle in Europe, the Pacific, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.”

Senator Mark Warner’s also responded saying “…I believe the President outlined a responsible path to a credible diplomatic solution…Let’s not forget what brought us to this point: the Syrian regime used chemical weapons against their own people. This was an atrocity that has been banned by international agreement for almost a century, and this conduct deserves strong  international condemnation.”

Representative Bobby Scott was not in total agreement with the President’s case, writing on his Facebook page that he was “…concerned however about both the legality of any intervention without the support of the United Nations and the potential ramifications of a military intervention that could exacerbate volatility in the region.” He did however give credit to the President saying “I am pleased that the President will allow more time for the diplomatic process to work towards a non-military solution and it is my hope that the international community will continue to support us in these diplomatic efforts.”

For a full transcript please visit Wavy10 News.

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