Coal Industry Makes a Return as a Virginia Campaign Issue

Cuccinelli for Governor
Cuccinelli for Governor

A new Ken Cuccinelli (R) TV ad attacks Terry McAuliffe (D) for his ‘war on coal’, as reported by The Washington Times. Cuccinelli is seeking to bring this issue to the forefront of the campaign because of its impact on Virginian voters.

In the new TV ad, Cuccinelli shows a clip of McAuliffe during his 2009 campaign for governor saying that “we have got to move past coal.” The ad goes on to show McAuliffe saying “as governor, I never want to see another coal plant built.” The ad finishes with Cuccinelli vowing to stand up for Virginia coal and Virginia families.

This is happening as the GOP responds to a new report from Bloomberg that the Environmental Protection Agency intends on limiting carbon emissions which would essentially ban any new coal fired plants.

The clips Cuccinelli used were from 2009; McAuliffe has said this year that he is concerned by plans that may raise utility cost or cause the closing of plants in Virginia. He also says he wants to ensure that the coal workforce in Virginia remains healthy.

Cuccinelli is no stranger to the energy issue. The Attorney General’s office, while under his leadership, has come under fire for offering advice to two out of state natural gas firms. Consol Energy Inc, one of the companies that received advice from Cuccinelli’s office, has contributed $100,000 to his campaign. Cuccinelli denies that they or any other benfactor has received and benefits from such contributions.

Read the full Washington Times article here


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