BREAKING NEWS: 12 Shot at Washington Navy Yard; Gov. Bob McDonnell Reacts

vavibepress conference

12 people were shot today at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. DC Metro Police say they received a call at 8:15 am about a shooter in the cafeteria. 6 people have died and several have been injured. Among those injured are 6 civilians, 1 DC police officer and 1 Base Police Officer.

Two alleged shooters have been killed, however during a DC Metro Police press conference, a spokesperson says that there are possibly two shooters on the loose. They are described as white males and reportedly dressed in tan military uniforms and berets in their late 50’s.

The ATF team called in to secure suspects is the same team that was used to secure the Boston Marathon suspects. There are at least 6 schools and 1 administration building on lockdown in the D.C. area. Family can reunite with loved ones at the Nationals Stadium in parking lot B. According to the US Navy official Twitter account, families can also call (202)-433-6151.

Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell released a statement on the tragedy, tweeting “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families at the heart breaking Navy Yard shooting.”

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