Rubio Stumps with Cuccinelli

Because of Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s opposition of Obamacare, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl.) joins Cuccinelli in Virginia for support in the final legs of the Virginia gubernatorial race, according to Politico.

Rubio believes the outcome of the Virginia race will send a message to the rest of the country. “This is a precursor for what’s going to happen in 2014 and what’s going to happen after that in 2016,” Rubio told donors at a luncheon a few blocks from the state capitol. “We can’t wait until 2016 to start the work. We’ve got to start now. We’ve got to start in Virginia.” Rubio argued that the Virginia race has “dramatic implications for the future of our country.”

Cuccinelli is trying to capitalize on President Obama’s slipping approval ratings and will parade around Virginia with many high-profile politicians between now and the November election day. He has appeared or is planned to appear with heavy-hitters such as Senators Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Ted Cruz (R-Tx.) as well as former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Will Cuccinelli’s heavy-hitting friends win him votes in Virginia?

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