Lt. Gov. Bolling Sparks More Controversy with GOP

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling upset the Republican Party a long time ago when he dropped out of the race for the gubernatorial nod and said he wasn’t going to advocate for anyone in the race this year. This past weekend, he managed to anger Republicans even more when he was supposedly caught helping Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s PAC.

In an article published by The Washington Post Wednesday morning, Ken Cuccinelli’s chief strategist Chris LaCivita said, “Bill Bolling said he would not interject and would not get involved, and he gets caught working behind the scenes for his buddy Terry McAuliffe.”

The endorsement seemed to have happened last week when The Northern Virginia Technology Council voted to back Cuccinelli. This is when Bolling is thought to have supported the Democratic Party, ultimately upsetting the Republicans in Virginia. Bolling has been back and forth with his feelings on the Republican Party for quite some time now. According to the article in The Washington Post, Republicans are pretty certain that this is Bolling’s way of distancing himself from them completely.

“I think what Bolling or others are hoping is that, if there’s a [Cuccinelli] defeat, the reaction among moderate Republicans would be so strong as to provide a new opportunity. He didn’t have a future from the time he started dissing Cuccinelli, and this is just an escalation of what’s been going on for the last couple of months,” says Bob Holsworth, a former Virginia Commonwealth University professor and veteran Richmond politics watcher.

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