NRA Supports Cuccinelli with $500,000 Ad Campaign

With Election Day coming up, there hasn’t been much movement on the forefront of gun issues. Starting Monday, the National Rifle Association will start their $500,000 ad campaign in support of Ken Cuccinelli (R) and oppose Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s views.

Cuccinelli has been a huge supporter of gun rights, even though he hasn’t said much about it throughout his campaign. The issues over gun-control laws are huge but they’ve seemed to take a backseat during this election process. Now that it’s getting close to the big day, people on both sides of the debate are starting to talk more about it.

NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said, in an article published by The Washington Post, “Terry McAuliffe has come out and basically stated his support for every gun control scheme imaginable. And if Terry has his way, the burden of law in Virginia will be on law-abiding gun owners and not on criminals. That’s a wrong-headed approach. Virginia needs leaders who are going to be tough on crime and tough on criminals.”

Because of the all-too-recent Navy Yard shooting, gun control was a huge topic of concern between the two candidates at Wednesday night’s debate. In the same Washington Post article, McAuliffe was quoted as saying, “I have called for universal background checks. My opponent doesn’t support that. I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. I’m a hunter. I own guns. … There are certain individuals who just should not own a gun. There are individuals that have mental illness. I think this is such a critical issue for us. … As governor, I’m gonna push. Most importantly, we need universal background checks for everyone.”

The two candidates will continue to have opposing views on this issue and it could be a deciding factor for some voters.

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