Government Shutdown may favor Terry McAuliffe

Early Tuesday morning, Congress couldn’t come to a decision about the budget and the federal government has now been officially shut down. Many are seeing this as a good sign for Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe, considering Ken Cuccinelli’s (R) ties to Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R).

The northern Virginia region is home to many federal employees who are now out of work. This area has been up for grabs in this race for both candidates and now McAuliffe will most likely get those votes. Republicans, especially Ted Cruz, have pushed this shut down and Cuccinelli’s connection to him is not favorable among voters. Cruz is scheduled to headline an upcoming fundraiser for Cuccinelli and it’s going to be interesting to see if the Republican nominee decides to go through with it and risk losing even more votes.

In an article published by US News, Anna Nix, a Cuccinelli spokeswoman stated, “While Terry McAuliffe continues to use a potential federal government shutdown to grandstand on his supposed bipartisan nature, the truth is that he’s the one drawing red lines and threatening government shutdowns. Asked how he would defuse the current situation in Washington, McAuliffe said he ‘sided with Democrats who refuse to bargain.’”

This demonstrates that the candidates are still attacking each other and pointing fingers. This is a dirty race that is just continuously getting more dramatic on both sides and the shutdown is going to play a very pivotal last minute role in the votes.

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