Senator Cruz joins Cuccinelli in Richmond

As expected, Texas Senator Ted Cruz joined Republican gubernatorial nominee, Ken Cuccinelli, at the Family Foundation of Virginia Annual Gala this past Saturday in Richmond.

On Saturday, the Pentagon released a statement saying they will allow almost all of their furloughed workers to return to work. Cuccinelli made no comment about this or about the federal shutdown at all. He also failed to even mention his ally, Cruz. His only mention of a shutdown was when he accused his opponent, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, of threatening a shutdown throughout the state of Virginia.

Sources close to Cuccinelli say that he met with Senator Cruz before the address and told him to really try to find a solution. The Democrats have accused his sources of making up the account and said if he really wanted to address Cruz, he has the opportunity to do it onstage.

Brian Coy, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Virginia said, “Ken Cuccinelli had an opportunity to go on stage and send a message to Ted Cruz if that was, in fact, his goal. Instead he was silent, and his staff tried to cover for him with a secret meeting.”

His alliance with Cruz has called for much speculation amongst Democrats and since then, Cuccinelli has tried to distance himself as much as possible from the Texas senator and has opened up about his opposition to the way Cruz has gone about all of this.

Cuccinelli left the event before Cruz was able to speak. He addressed the crowd by saying, “Let me say for a second how proud I am of my friend Ken Cuccinelli. Ken is smart. He’s principled. And he’s fearless. And that last characteristic in particular is a rare, rare commodity in elected life.”

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