Former Governor Wilder Gives McAuliffe Endorsement

Early Thursday morning, former Virginia Governor, Douglas Wilder, gave Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Terry McAuliffe, his official endorsement, according to The Washington Post.

Throughout this whole race, he hasn’t been upfront about supporting his fellow Democrat until now. He was quoted as saying that he was waiting for one of the candidates to put “more meat on the bone.” The federal government shutdown and all of the politics behind it have made it clear to him that McAuliffe is the candidate that he would like to stand behind.

When asked about Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli, Wilder said, “Let’s be blunt — the perception with women, and one of the concerns, one of the reasons I was elected governor of Virginia, was a lot of the women of Virginia supported my candidacy because they felt that I understood and was attuned to their issues, among other people’s. I don’t want them to think that I’m not still not that person who was attuned to their issues.”

On Thursday afternoon, around 1pm, Wilder met with Terry McAuliffe to give him his official endorsement.

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