Republicans Taking Away the Rights of Voters?

This past Tuesday, a federal lawsuit was filed by Virginia Democrats against Republican Ken Cuccinelli, Gov. Bob McDonnell and the state elections board. The suit claims that thousands of voters are put at risk of potentially being unlawfully dismissed from  administrative voter rolls.
The law suit claims that Cuccinelli is pressing a plan that will likely eliminate 57,000 registered voters because they are listed in a database that shows voters being registered in more than one state. However, Virginia Democrats indicate that the list shows multiple errors that will leave these voters helpless.  
The lawsuit claims that the interstate database has been created by Republicans who purport to be preventing fraud, but in reality are seeking to suppress vote totals in communities that traditionally vote Democratic.
The lawsuit indicated that Loudoun and Chesterfield counties have already decided against purging voters, while Fairfax and Prince William counties are in the process of eliminating voters.
According to The Washington Post, Josh Schwerin, a spokesman for McAuliffe’s campaign, said the lawsuit highlights the potential conflicts that arise given that Cuccinelli has chosen to stay on as attorney general while running for governor. Most other attorney generals who ran for governor, including McDonnell, resigned to campaign full time.
“Cuccinelli needs to answer questions about why it is appropriate for him to be a legal adviser in an election where he is the candidate,” Schwerin said.
Whether it’s appropriate or not, eliminating 57,000 registered voters will drastically affect the outcome of the upcoming election.

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