Terry McAuliffe Takes Another Dig at Ken Cuccinelli

Once again, the two candidates running for Virginia’s governor are at each other’s throats. Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe and his campaign created another television ad that highlighted his opponent Ken Cuccinelli as being “too extreme for Virginia.”

In the past two days, McAuliffe has released two ads. The first one accuses Cuccinelli of being too judgmental about abortion policies. The 30-second ad is a clip of Ken Cuccinelli talking about America facing “judgment” for the decisions they’ve made about abortion laws.

The second ad has people accusing Cuccinelli of being “too extreme for Virginia” because of his views on divorce, birth control, climate change and the use of tax-payers’ dollars.

In response to Thursday’s ad, Ken Cuccinelli’s spokeswoman, Anna Nix, released the statement published in The Washington Post, “Terry McAuliffe continues to recycle false attacks to scare Virginians in an effort to distract from the fact he profited off of the terminally ill patients. The charges lobbed in this ad have been proven false by multiple fact-checking organizations, yet McAuliffe will stop at nothing in his smear campaign.”

All of the attacks that McAuliffe’s campaign made in that ad are controversies that Cuccinelli’s team has tried to prove are false. In 2008, Cuccinelli supported a bill that inhibited couples with children from getting a divorce. The bill didn’t end up passing, but he was outwardly trying to change the state’s divorce law.

Cuccinelli has also made it no secret that he opposes abortion and birth control. He may not have personally set out to ban birth control in his governorship, but by wanting to pass the “personhood” legislation, that is what is going to happen.

With only two weeks left in the race, it’s going to be interesting to see what else gets released and how much further they take their attacks.

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