Did the Democratic Party Violate Campaign Finance Rules?

The GOP of Virginia accused an out-of-state Democratic organization of concealing identities of the contributors to the Democratic attorney general nominee Mark Herring. Concealing these identities is a violation of campaign finance disclosure laws and the GOP has filed a complaint with the Virginia State Board of Elections.

They also want the board to look into suspicious filings by a Denver-based Democratic Attorney General Association that would cost them $685,000. Pat Mullins, Virginia GOP chairman, said they failed to report the money and then spent it on Herring’s campaign. Of course, the Association has denied any wrongdoing and in an article published by The Washington Post, Mark Herring’s spokesman, Kevin O’Holleran said, “We have reported all of our contributions in full accordance with Virginia’s laws and have disclosed every donation we have received to date.”

For anyone who didn’t know, Mark Herring (D) and Senator Mark D. Obenshain (R-Harrisonburg) are running for attorney general, the current position of Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli. Like the governor’s race, the attorney general race has been too close to call, but recent poll numbers point to a Democratic win. Will the same be true for the attorney general race?

Right now, it’s hard to know the truth, but the Denver-based group’s executive director, Berry, released a statement saying, “We believe we are in compliance in Virginia. We established the committees and reported, or so we thought.”

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