Democrats are Rejected by Federal Judge in Voters Purge Case

Earlier this week, we wrote a story on the Democrats in Virginia filing a lawsuit against Ken Cuccinelli (R), Gov. Bob McDonnell, and the state elections board for putting 57,000 voters at risk of being stripped of their right to vote.

Early in the day on Friday, federal Judge Claude M. Hilton dismissed the case saying that there wasn’t enough evidence that these people were being “disenfranchised.” In an article published by The Washington Post, he said “I just don’t find that there’s a strong showing here of any inequitable treatment or the deprivation of anyone’s rights.”

The Democrats have argued that the Republicans want to remove most of those names because they are votes against them. About 38,000 of the total 57,000 ended up being removed from the list and in court the lawyer for Ken Cuccinelli said that they were just keeping the lists up-to-date. The Republicans claim that no one was disenfranchised in the events that took place and Judge Hilton has agreed with them.

With only 2 weeks left in the race, this could make a huge difference with the votes and could end up ultimately hurting Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Terry McAuliffe.

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