The Clintons’ Overwhelming Support Terry McAuliffe

Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Terry McAuliffe, got a huge campaign boost over the weekend when both Hillary and Bill Clinton publicly announced their support for the candidate.

Hillary made an appearance Saturday at the State Theater in Falls Church in honor of her longtime friend, Terry McAuliffe.

“He has maybe the biggest heart and the most open mind of anyone you will ever meet,” Clinton said. “Terry has always been there for me, and I am pleased to be here for him.”

The event has been called “Women for Terry,” and McAuliffe took his chance to talk about women’s rights and his views on abortion. The event had a huge turnout, with many people coming to see Hillary before even wanting to see the nominee himself. This could be the final push that McAuliffe needs to win the race against Republican nominee, Ken Cuccinelli. The Clintons have tons of supporters and their endorsement of McAuliffe could be a very good thing for him.

Hillary isn’t the only one in the family supporting her good friend; Bill has also announced that he will do a three-day campaign tour with McAuliffe for this weekend, beginning Oct. 27th.

They haven’t discussed the schedule of events or even where they will be held, but in an article published by The Washington Post, Clinton is joining McAuliffe “to discuss the importance of voting in the 2013 gubernatorial election and the clear choice facing Virginia voters.”

The Clintons are both very well liked in Virginia and their overwhelming support of the Democrat, with only two weeks left to go in the race, can make a major impact in the final vote.

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