McAuliffe Launches Two New Ads

With only two weeks left in the Virginia governor race, Democratic nominee, Terry McAuliffe, is holding nothing back. He is continuing to create television ads that stab at his opponent Ken Cuccinelli (R), in an attempt to give him a leg up in the race.

The first ad features former delegate Vince Callahan, who is endorsing McAuliffe even though he is the longest-serving Republican in state House history. He also came forward and supported the Democrat in March along with two other retired republican delegates, Jim Dillard from Fairfax County and Katherine Waddell of Richmond.

Callahan says in the video, “We need someone to oversee our state who is committed to keeping Virginia on the right track. That’s why I cannot support Ken Cuccinelli. I want an independent Governor who focuses on jobs and works with everyone to do what’s best for Virginia.”

In the second ad, Senator Timothy Kaine addresses the public in Spanish and called McAuliffe a “strong supporter of the Hispanic community” and also mentioned how he supports the DREAM Act with “his entire soul.”

In an article published by The Washington Post, Cuccinelli’s spokeswoman, Anna Nix, called Terry McAuliffe out by saying his “campaign promises would raise taxes on the average Hispanic family by $1,700 each year. Ken Cuccinelli, by contrast, has detailed plans that would create 58,000 new jobs and save Virginia families $700 a year by lowering the individual income tax rate and closing special interest tax loopholes.”

It’s going to be interesting to see if Cuccinelli and his team create an ad in response to these and fire back at the Democrat. There are less than two weeks left in this race and the debate is only continuing to heat up.

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