Democrats Continue to Release Television Ads

On Tuesday morning, the Democrats running for lieutenant governor and attorney general both released more TV ads to help themselves in attempts to hopefully give them a final push in the last two weeks of their election races.

Senator Ralph Northam (D), who is running for lieutenant governor against Republican minister E.W. Jackson, released an ad that highlighted Northam’s personal side  and showed some of his accomplishments in the military and as a pediatric neurologist.

In the ad he says, “I have treated wounded soldiers and children with brain injuries. I believe in service, especially to those who have fought for our freedom, and to those who are our future.”

Jackson and his campaign team declined to comment about the ad, but The Washington Post quotes a fundraising letter from the minister: “Make no mistake my friends, electing Ralph Northam would be a disaster for Virginia.”

In a separate race to succeed Ken Cuccinelli as attorney general, Democratic nominee, state Senator Mark Herring, released an ad that seemed to directly target his opponent, Sen. Mark D. Obenshain (R).

In the ad, Herring highlights all of the times Obenshain has made comments Herring thinks will be bad for Virginia. Herring’s ad also directly ties him to Ken Cuccinelli, who is the Republican nominee running for governor. He says, “Obenshain and Cuccinelli: When you focus on their record it’s clear they’re wrong for Virginia.”

In response, Paul Logan, Obenshain’s spokesman, was quoted in that same Washington Post article as saying, “Mark Herring is engaged in the same negative politics as usual that has him down in the polls, behind in fundraising, and without a positive reason for voters to support him.”

The governor’s race is not the only election race in Virginia that is heating up with less than two weeks to go. Will these ads by Ralph Northam and Mark Herring hurt their chances at winning or will it secure their spot?

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