Ken Cuccinelli Partners with Fellow Republican Paul Ryan

Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial nominee, Ken Cuccinelli, has been falling behind his opponent, Terry McAuliffe (D), in the polls and has been struggling to make last minute attempts to jump ahead of him with less than two weeks left in the race.

On Tuesday, Cuccinelli teamed up with Wisconsin representative, Paul Ryan (R), to continue bashing the Affordable Care Act. They called out McAuliffe on his plans for Medicaid and, in an article published by The Washington Post, Ryan was quoted as saying, “This is like budget pixie dust claiming that this money is all of a sudden going to come raining in from Washington and pay for all the things you want to do in state government,” Ryan told reporters. “It’s just not so. It’s misleading.”

Both Cuccinelli and Ryan have also publicly asked President Obama to fire Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sibelious, for causing all of the problems with the law’s online enrollment system.

Ken Cuccinelli is taking these final two weeks as the time to really show the difference between him and Terry McAuliffe on these important issues. He stated, “This is a critical issue in our campaign. It’s probably one of the top issues, and that is the difference between Terry McAuliffe — on Obamacare and health care in general — and myself.”

McAuliffe has openly supported and advocated for expanding Medicaid in the state of Virginia because it will lower health care insurance for families who can’t afford it, open up thousands of jobs and save the state of Virginia millions of dollars.

It seems like Cuccinelli is going to focus on this issue for the next two weeks and hope that he can persuade the people of Virginia to elect him as their next governor.

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