The Candidates’ Stances on Education

With two weeks left in the election, it’s not surprising at all that the two gubernatorial candidates are butting heads once again. This time, they’re disagreeing about education, specifically charter schools. A charter school receives public funding but functions privately and this raises a lot of discussion when talking about funding and where the money should go in the school system.

Ken Cuccinelli (R) wants to help both charter and private schools in Virginia compete with the surrounding public schools. In a radio interview with 105.9 WMAL, Cuccinelli says, “We have kids trapped in areas where they can’t succeed. The only quick way to salvage those kids’ education is to put it in the control of their parents.”

The legislation that he wants to pass would give the State Board of Education the right to approve charter schools instead of the local districts. By doing this, public funds would go to private schools and act as scholarships or tax credits that would let parents take their kids out of public schools and transfer them to private schools if they wanted to. He wants to make it possible for more children to be able to have alternatives to public school.

On the other hand, Terry McAuliffe would like to see more spending on public education and a rise in teachers’ salaries. In an article published by The Washington Post, he said, “It’s time to restore and fully fund the standards of quality.”

There is one thing the two candidates both agree on though: getting rid of the Standards of Learning tests, which measure what each students learns in each grade. Standardized testing is becoming a major issue all over the country and at least these two men are able to see eye-to-eye on something!

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