Clinton Takes on Virginia


With barely a week left in the governor’s race, Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe, has brought former president and long-time friend Bill Clinton along for a final four-day, nine-stop tour in Virginia.

By now, both of the nominees have seemed to their likely voters, and McAuliffe wanted to bring Clinton along to make sure of that. For an election that is this close, it is imperative that both nominees get everyone out to vote, especially the ones who haven’t made up their mind yet and could be swing votes that could ultimately determine the outcome.

The polls have shown McAuliffe ahead of his Republican opponent, Ken Cuccinelli, for quite some time now and bringing Clinton along to Richmond is a strategy to help him stay in that number one spot.

As we know, McAuliffe and Cuccinelli are polar opposites on almost every issue they would have to face, and in an article written by The Raw Story, Clinton was quoted as saying, “Debate is good. We should all have our philosophies and our general outlook, but if we become ideological, then we’re blind to evidence. We can only hear people who already agree with us. … You can choose that course here. But I was governor for 12 years and president for eight years and I can tell you that is doesn’t work.”

In an article published by Politico, spokeswoman for Cuccinelli, Anna Nix, said, “It’s not surprising that Terry McAuliffe, who has been unable to present a positive case for Virginia’s future and whose campaign has been nothing but negative and false attacks, needs folks like President Clinton to speak for him.”

Clinton’s tour with McAuliffe should be done later today and it will be interesting to see what the last week of the race will be like for both candidates.

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