Is this the End for Ken Cuccinelli?

According to the Daily Kos, the final polls seem to show Republican Ken Cuccinelli falling below Democrat Terry McAuliffe, with a score of 51-39. Among women, McAuliffe leads 58-34 and this could greatly be attributed to Cuccinelli’s social conservatism and his stances on issues that significantly affect women.

Terry McAuliffe has raised a more compelling amount of money with $1.6 million left on hand, while Cuccinelli only has $604,000. By having more money, McAuliffe and his campaign team have been able to create more TV advertisements attacking his opponent, which could be a huge factor as to why the numbers have jumped so much in his favor.

It’s been nine years since the governor of Virginia has been from the same party of the President. If McAuliffe wins this race, like it’s looking, the long streak will end. McAuliffe shouldn’t feel too good though because in one of the questions in the poll it asks, “Is your vote for McAuliffe or more against Cuccinelli?” and 64% said it’s against Cuccinelli, which means McAuliffe still might not be as liked as he thinks.

In the Lt. Governor’s race, it also looks like the Democrats are going to win, with Ralph Northam ahead of E.W. Jackson with a score of 52-39. In the attorney general race, looking to take over for Ken Cuccinelli, Mark Herring (D) is also leading Mark Obenshain 49-46 as of Monday’s recent polls.

It looks like the Democrats are going to take over in every race and we’ll see if this final week can change anything for the Republicans.

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