Three Different Polls, Three Different Answers

With just six days left in the governor’s race, public opinion polls from all over the state have varying statistics on the voters. Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe is definitely in the lead, but by exactly how much? CNN posted an article earlier today on about the conflicting public opinion polls.

The Quinnipiac University Poll showed McAuliffe as only have a slight 4 percent lead on his Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli by a 45%-41% vote. As the race has come to a close, McAuliffe’s advantage has gone down from a previous 7 percent.

The Roanoke College Poll shows McAuliffe having a 14-point lead over Cuccinelli, 46%-31%. This is a huge leap from Quinnipiac’s poll and brings up the question of validity. The last poll is the Washington Post/Abt SRBI survey, which we reported on in yesterday’s article, which shows McAuliffe having a 12-point lead on Cuccinelli, 51%-39%.

Terry McAuliffe definitely has the lead but with these varying numbers it’s hard to gauge just how far ahead he really is. According to all the surveys, McAuliffe leads with women while Cuccinelli leads with men. It’s now going to become crucial for each of the candidates to pick up the votes of the people who support Libertarian candidate, Robert Sarvis.

In the CNN article, Dr. Harry Wilson, director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research says, “At this point, Cuccinelli has to hope that voting for him is a much stronger motivator than voting against him. McAuliffe’s comparatively lower ratings on honesty and intelligence do not suggest that voters are enamored of him. As many voters anecdotally told our interviewers, he is the ‘lesser of the evils’.”

It’s almost impossible to really know where the two candidates lie with only six days left in the race and we’ll just have to wait and see what ultimately happens at the polls.

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