The Ads Continue To Roll Out


With only five days left in the governor’s race, the candidates are continuing to release television ads in an attempt to get the last minute votes. Both candidates are trying to paint themselves as the best choice for Virginia.

An ad released by Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe quotes many newspapers saying great, inspiring things about him, like “More capable of governing effectively,” and “Virginia will remain open, tolerant and pragmatic, friendly to business and committed to job growth.” McAuliffe is trying to paint himself as Virginia’s hero and portrays his opponent Republican Ken Cuccinelli as dark, evil and uncaring.

Cuccinelli’s spokeswoman, Anna Nix, said in an email to The Washington Post, “He’s done this because he lacks a positive vision for Virginia’s future or a single credible plan to move the Commonwealth forward. Ken Cuccinelli, by contrast, is the only candidate with a record of fighting for Virginia and the only candidate with serious plans to create 58,000 jobs and ease tax burdens by $700 for every Virginia family.”

Meanwhile, Cuccinelli’s ad highlights what makes him different from McAuliffe and doesn’t try to excuse his conservative views, but instead explains why they’re the only option for Virginia. The commercial states, “Terry McAuliffe – expand Obamacare, increase taxes. Ken Cuccinelli – create jobs, cut taxes. To stop Obamacare and higher taxes, there’s only one choice.”

In response to that, McAuliffe’s spokesman Josh Schwerin said, “Terry, on the other hand, is committed to governing in a fiscally responsible way, and will invest in our education systems so all Virginians have access to quality education. Ken Cuccinelli’s false and desperate attacks may appeal to his extreme Tea Party base, but they won’t fool mainstream Virginians who want a governor focused on creating jobs and keeping Virginia competitive for future generations.”

The polls are all over the place and, with five days left in the race, it’s almost impossible to determine just how far ahead Terry McAuliffe is. These last minute attacks are getting deep and personal, which brings up the question of whether or not it will ultimately change the anticipated outcome. 

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