Terry McAuliffe Leads by Only Two Points

The most recent poll released by Emerson College on Friday claims that Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe only has a slight two-point lead on his opponent, Ken Cuccinelli (R). The standings are currently McAuliffe-42%, Cuccinelli-40% and Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis-13%.

Earlier this week, McAuliffe was up by almost twelve points in some polls and now that number has significantly dropped to two. This whole race has been tight and now, with two days left until Election Day, it’s the closest it’s ever been. Terry McAuliffe almost had the election in the bag until now, so what happened? Could it have been his decision to have President Obama publicly endorse him?

The numbers have been all over the place all week and it is almost impossible to determine who will come out on top at this point. If Cuccinelli can give himself a final push in these last couple days then there is a good possibility that he might surpass McAuliffe. He might be benefiting greatly over the failure of Obamacare’s website, healthcare.gov.

Just when everyone thought McAuliffe was going to come out on top and the Democrats got comfortable, the tide has certainly shifted and now with two days left, anything can happen.

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