Tea Partyers are not Done Yet!

Tuesday’s election may have suggested a tea party decline, but that is most definitely not the case. Ken Cuccinelli may have lost his chance at being governor by being obnoxiously extreme but the Democrats have a long way to go if they want to completely take out the group.

The tea partyers might be a minority, especially after the federal government shutdown, but the people who do support them are determined and loyal. The Republicans who supported the shutdown have been treated like heroes by their followers; those few people can still make a huge impact on what happens in this country, such as supporting the federal shutdown.

The people of Virginia who support Ken Cuccinelli are going to stick with their conservative views. Even though a Democrat will move into the governor’s mansion, tea partyers are not done. The election was way too close for comfort, and, if the Republicans learn from Cuccinelli’s mistakes, they have a chance of getting back into office next term.

The extremists and conservatives still have a lot to say and they have power at both the state and federal levels. If they are able to cause a nationwide shutdown because they don’t want to budge on issues, they are capable of doing almost anything they want. Of course, McAuliffe’s win was a great win for Democrats and they have a right to be happy, but they shouldn’t sit too comfortably.

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