Republican Donors Contribute to Democrats Win

Ken Cuccinelli became the Republican candidate for governor this year when he beat out Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, who from there on out refused to support Cuccinelli. Money is huge in an election because you need to be able to fund your advertisements and just run your overall campaign. Cuccinelli wasn’t receiving any donations from Bolling and he was losing tons of support from his party in general.

After Cuccinelli started portraying the real extremist that he is, many Republicans wanted nothing to do with him because it would damage Republicans’ image by being associated with Cuccinelli’s extreme views. Due to this lack of support, Cuccinelli wasn’t able to raise as much money as McAuliffe and he lost many potential donations.

According to an article in PJ Tatler, moderates are less likely to stand behind conservatives, even if that means a liberal candidate will win. He lost a lot of support in the donor community and this gave the democrats much to be happy about. But, even with the lack of donations, Cuccinelli managed to keep it close up until the last absolute second. Still, McAuliffe getting support from Republican donors definitely gave him an edge in the race and can be credited with a part of McAuliffe’s win. If Cuccinelli got all of the votes in his party, he definitely would’ve won and the race wouldn’t have been so close.

Terry McAuliffe should be extremely grateful for the Republicans who sided with him because at the last second, his stunt with Obama following the botched Obamacare website rollout,, almost cost him the race. If it wasn’t for the support of those Republicans, I think we would’ve seen a very different outcome in this race.

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