Did Robert Sarvis Contribute to Cuccinelli’s Loss?

Ken Cuccinelli supporters in Virginia are blaming Libertarian Robert Sarvis for their candidate’s loss in the governor’s race last week. Sarvis took 6.5% of the vote and many Republicans are saying that if Sarvis didn’t run, Cuccinelli would’ve been able to take most of those votes, according to an article by The Washington Post.

Sarvis took in 145,560 votes and Cuccinelli only lost to Terry McAuliffe by 55,000 so it’s very easy for the Republicans to point the finger at Sarvis and say that Cuccinelli could’ve gotten those 55,000 votes. However, check out the poll in that Washington Post article and you will see that Cuccinelli would’ve only went up by 1% and McAuliffe still would’ve won.

Also, most Sarvis supporters said they wouldn’t have voted for either of the other candidates if he weren’t on the ballot, so it just seems like the Republicans are trying to make excuses for Cuccinelli’s loss and it’s too late. Even though the race is over, we are still going to see the blame game for quite some time because this was such a close and dramatic race.

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