Will Ken Cuccinelli Help Fund Recount?

The votes have finally been counted in the attorney general race, and there are already talks about a recount in the near future. Late Tuesday night, Democrat Mark Herring pulled ahead of Republican Mark Obenshain and the race was declared in his favor. The Virginia State Board of Elections officially released the polls and out of 2.2 million votes cast, Herring won by only 164.

The State Board of Elections will certify the votes on Nov. 25th and then a recount can be put into place if one of the candidates feels it’s necessary. It may be a little early for Obenshain to talk officially about a recount, but he has mentioned that fellow Republican and former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, will reach out to supporters and help him fund the recount, if it’s something he decides to go ahead with. Cuccinelli’s office advises and counsels the Election Board and Democrats are already raising questions about the conflict of interest.

State Senator Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) has come forward and in an article published by Huffington Post said, “Attorney General Cuccinelli needs to take his responsibilities seriously in this process and refrain from his overt and extreme partisanship.”

Candidates must pay for a recount, if a recount is requested, when the election outcome was between 0.5 and 1 percent. Mark Obenshain will continue to ask for donations and use Ken Cuccinelli’s help to his advantage. If the recount happens and the results are the same as they are now, Democrats will hold all five of Virginia’s offices come January.

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