Ken Cuccinelli’s Next Move

After Ken Cuccinelli’s lost to Democrat Terry McAuliffe in this year’s governor’s race, many people are wondering what he has planned for himself next. Cuccinelli still has a few weeks left as attorney general but once his time runs out, what’s next?

According to ABC 7 News, many of his supporters think he should run for a Senate seat against former Virginia governor, Mark Warner (D). Judson Phillips from the Washington Times wrote, “In short, Ken Cuccinelli is the only potential candidate in Virginia with statewide name recognition who could take on Mark Warner and make this seat competitive. Cuccinelli has a lot of advantages that no one else has. His statewide organization is still intact. Another advantage is if he ran, the Republican Party would almost be forced to give him a significant amount of help.”

Right now, the Republicans are in a really good spot politically, due to the controversy surrounding the Affordable Care Act and the website launch. If things keep going the way they are headed, conservatives like Ken Cuccinelli have a good shot of coming out on top because the GOP and Tea Partyers are going to be so fed up with the Democrats, if they aren’t already.

Cuccinelli made himself look really bad for the people of Virginia though, and it’s going to take a lot of making up if he wants to win them over. This governor’s race was extremely close and the Republicans are not happy that he wasn’t able to come out on top. He would also have to campaign hard to take the Senate seat, which means he would need more donations and help than he was able to get while running for governor. It will be interesting to see what he decides to do and if he can shift his stance to a little bit less conservative in an attempt to win over more people in the state.

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