Austin Deeds Released From Psychiatric Care

Monday, the day before 24-year-old Austin ‘Gus’ Deeds stabbed his father, Senator Creigh Deeds, and committed suicide, he was released from a psychiatric facility. Virginia’s inspector general is investigating the reasons behind that decision.

The original story was that there were no beds available for Deeds; therefore, he couldn’t be admitted. Other facilities in the area have said they had a spot for him but nobody reached out to them. G. Douglas Bevelacqua of the Office of the Inspector General said, “We’re going to investigate the circumstances that led up to Austin Deeds’s release at the expiration of the emergency custody order.”

Bill Hazel, Virginia’s Secretary of Health and Human Resources, is also looking into the void in communication with releasing him. The authorities have released information saying that there was a “non-emergency call for assistance” placed to the sheriff’s office on Monday from the Deed’s home but they will not confirm whether or not it was to take Austin in for his psychiatric evaluation or if it was because of another problem.

There was an emergency custody order issued for Austin, but without an available bed, they cannot hold him for more than four to six hours, which is why he was released. Contrary to what the other facilities have said about not being called, Dennis Cropper, head of the Rockbridge Area Community Services Board, said he did place the calls. He cannot be reached for comment and we now know that there were beds available at other places.

The inspector general will continue to investigate the story and we will keep you updated with any new information.

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