Gun Control Activist Added to McAuliffe’s Team

Thursday, Terry McAuliffe chose Virginia State Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Lori Haas, to join his bi-partisan team announced earlier this week.

McAuliffe’s stances on gun control throughout the election earned him an “F” rating on the NRA’s scale, according to The Washington Free Beacon. The group spent $500,000 campaigning against him. McAuliffe made public statements about his opposition to guns and specifically applauded Colorado for their gun control rules.

Lori Haas and the rest of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence are against the NRA’s ideologies, which make them the perfect ally for the new governor of Virginia. This doesn’t sit well with the NRA though, and they’ve released a statement saying, “Despite claiming support for the Second Amendment, Haas’s appointment to this position to help assemble his Administration sends a very clear message to gun owners and sportsmen in Virginia that their rights are already under attack in Richmond.”

The election is over but the drama just keeps continuing. It’s going to be interesting to see if McAuliffe appoints anyone else to his team and what repercussions the appointment may have.

One comment

  1. The black community is being terrorized by feral black males (less than 4% of the population) that commit 50% of the murders in this country. (FBI, CDC, and Census Bureau Websites) The black murder rate, with or without firearms, is 6.4 times the non-black murder rate. Most murders are initiated by arguments. We could save 4,000 black lives per year if the black murder rate just equaled the non-black murder rate. This ongoing long term tragedy will never be addressed unless it is acknowledged. The cowardly media and politicians prefer to allow this cultural phenomenon to be portrayed as a problem caused by firearms.


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