Gov. McDonnell Speaks Out About Ken Cuccinelli


There have been plenty of conversations going on in Virginia about Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s loss to Terry McAuliffe, and now Governor Bob McDonnell is speaking his mind. McDonnell thinks that the government shutdown and fundraising deficit did more damage for Cuccinelli than anything else, including all of the scandals.

In an interview with The Washington Post, McDonnell said, “I think what we saw was the government shutdown, which I strongly opposed, about five weeks out caused a really significant shift in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, where we’ve got a lot of federal workers. I think that was probably the biggest factor along with a great money deficit as well.”

McDonnell is currently being investigated for taking $160,000 in gifts from fellow businessman and friend, Jonnie Williams. The spotlight was on Cuccinelli during the race, too. Cuccinelli received $18,000 from Williams, but claims he donated the money from the gifts.

In the interview, McDonnell talks about how he’s taken responsibility for the things he’s done wrong, but not for being a reason that Cuccinelli and the Republicans lost the race. The race is over, and Cuccinelli lost, but many are still searching for a reason why.

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