Attorney General Race Will Most Likely End in Recount

Mark Obenshain (R) and Democrat Mark Herring have been anxiously awaiting the count of the attorney general race for three weeks and it’s looking like there will be a recount. Out of 2.2 million votes, the difference in the race is only a mere 165 and is the closest race in modern Virginia history, reports ABC 7.

Mark Obenshain hasn’t made a formal announcement that he will be asking for a recount. However, in an email to the Associated Press, spokesman Paul Logan writes, “With such a historically narrow margin, Virginia voters expect and deserve a careful process that ensures that every legitimate vote is counted.”

Mark Herring and his campaign team are expecting the victory tonight, but with a race this close there will be no surprise if Obenshain does go through with the recount. In Virginia, a candidate can request one if the difference is less than 1%, which there is no question about in this case. Spokeswoman for Mark Herring commented on a recount saying, “We anticipate the Herring victory will be certified on Monday – and no statewide recount has ever overturned a certified result.”

We will get the results of the election by the end of the night and a recount will be of no surprise to any of us.

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