Mark Herring Wins Attorney General Race, Officially

As of yesterday afternoon, Democrat Mark Herring came out on top in the extremely close and dramatic attorney general race. Out of 2.2 million votes cast, Herring won by only a mere 165 votes over Republican Mark Obenshain.

Obenshain has made no moves towards filing for a recount yet, but we will not be surprised if that’s what he decides to do. According to the Augusta Free Press, this is the closest political race in Virginia’s history, making it highly unlikely that Obenshain will take the loss without a fight.

Obenshain commented, “Margins this small are why Virginia law provides a process for a recount. However, a decision to request a recount, even in this historically close election, is not one to be made lightly. Virginia law allows 10 days to request a recount. We will make further announcements regarding a recount well within that time, in order to ensure the closure and confidence in the results that Virginians deserve.”

He has 10 days to file for a recount before he would have to take the loss to Herring. This has been a very hectic political season for Virginia, to say the least.

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