Mark Warner May Have Competition

A recent poll conducted by the polling company, inc. suggests that Senator Mark Warner (D) may be in trouble when it comes to keeping his seat in 2014. Warner leads in many factors, but once those factors are removed, the race for the Senate seat could be much closer.

37 percent of the 600 registered voters that took the poll are opposed to what he is doing in the Senate. It also suggests that Republican Ken Cuccinelli may be the one to run against him for his seat next year. Cuccinelli just recently lost the gubernatorial race to Democrat Terry McAuliffe but it would come as no shock that he would try to run for Senate.

The poll swings pretty favorably towards Warner and shows that he would most likely beat any Republican by a vote of 50 percent to 45 percent. The fact that the poll has many factors that favor Warner shows that it could actually be a lot closer than that once they are removed.

We cannot forget another likely Republican option, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, who would also be great competition for Warner. Columnist Norman Leahy wrote in an article published by the Augusta Free Press, “A GOP bent on winning would look at Bolling and think he’s not only their ideal candidate, but also their only chance against Warner.”

The Republicans have to be careful about what they plan on doing and think about if this is even the right time to take control or to wait a couple more years. We will see if Warner gets any good competition next year and if will be able to overcome it and keep his seat.

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