Fossil Fuel Companies Contribute to McAuliffe

It’s widely known that Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli are polar opposites and had different views on pretty much every topic that came up in this year’s gubernatorial race. The oil, gas and coal industries paid Cuccinelli plenty of interest and gave him a lot of money to further his campaign. However, since McAuliffe is the next governor of Virginia, those players are now targeting him.

Terry McAuliffe spoke up about global warming, the effects it will have on our Earth and how we can work towards potentially fixing the problem. He is a big supporter of President Obama’s proposed guidelines on carbon pollution from new power plants, which makes it a little odd that the people who disagree with him are now focusing their attention on him.

Climate Progress writes, “According to recent campaign finance reports posted on the Virginia Board of Elections site, McAuliffe’s Inaugural Committee has received $25,000 from Alpha Natural Resources, an $8 billion coal company that gave $92,500 to Cuccinelli’s campaign. Dominion Resources, a Virginia-based coal, gas, and nuclear conglomerate that gave Cuccinelli $75,000, has given McAuliffe’s committee $50,000.”

These numbers are a significant jump from what they donated to McAuliffe during the campaign. The environmentalists are major supporters of McAuliffe and, with these companies donating so much money, fossil fuel companies could be trying to cozy up to environmentalists, or at least open a channel for discussion. By supporting the cut of carbon pollution, McAuliffe has the ability to really mess up oil, gas and coal companies, so it’s in their best interest to do anything they can to come to an agreement with him.

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