Republicans Plan Retreat


The Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, V.A., will once again be home to the Donald Huffman Republican Advance this year. Republicans have gathered here for over 30 years., This weekend the politicians will convene together and go over the brutal beating they seemed to receive this election year.

In 2009, the Republicans filled the three most important spots for the first time in over a decade and the Advance was a time for celebration. This year, things are going oppositely, and you can assume there will be a lot of conversation about how Republicans can change their approaches to certain subjects to overcome this year’s defeat.

How did they go from being so successful in 2009 to losing every race this election? The GOP was so sure that they were going to secure the spots and they were caught off-guard. They will need to take this weekend to figure out the core reasons why their party is falling behind and will have to do a lot of work to get themselves out of this hole they are now in.

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