Hampton Roads a Priority for McAuliffe

At the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce yesterday, Terry McAuliffe (D) announced that easing the flow of traffic in the region is going to be his top priority when it comes to transportation after he takes office next month.

In an article published by the Daily Press, McAuliffe said, “You know I’m from Northern Virginia, where we spend 67 hours a year stuck in traffic,” McAuliffe said. “But my biggest concern in transportation is the Hampton Roads region.”

McAuliffe also addressed business leaders by saying that expanding Medicaid will be another one of his top priorities. In the past three weeks, McAuliffe has made two major pitches to businesses; probably because of the large amount of support he is going to need to continue to increase thousands of Virginians’ health coverage.

He also said, “Virginia will struggle to compete in the global economy if the 1 million Virginians we have who do not have health care coverage to continue to use the E.R. It is inefficient and very expEnsive and it is the businesses in this room that are paying the price.”

Now that McAuliffe has been elected Governor, it’s extremely important that he doesn’t go back on everything that he is saying now. The people of Virginia are counting on him to turn their economy around and he can’t afford to make any false promises, especially since they’ve considered him the “lesser of two evils” and most people don’t approve of him, regardless of him winning the race.

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