McDonnell Recounts Accomplishments in New Book


Governor McDonnell would like to be remembered for his accomplishments while in office, not the major scandals that plagued him in his final year in office.

McDonnell released a 52-page softcover book in December that lists all of the governor’s achievements, ranching from his landmark transportation bill to recession-defying job growth, according to the Washington Post. While produced on the taxpayers’ dime, the cost was minimal: $1,500 for 250 copies distributed to Cabinet secretaries, reporters and staff.

“As we reached the final weeks of the McDonnell Administration, we wanted to try to put the accomplishments of the last four years into one simple and concise document,” spokesman Tucker Martin said in a cover letter mailed with the book. “But as many of you know so well from covering our policy rollouts, brevity has never been our hallmark. So we hope you’ll enjoy this 52, yes 52, page book that breaks down the achievements of Governor McDonnell’s term as Virginia’s 71st governor.”

McDonnell leaves office Jan. 11, when Democrat Terry McAuliffe is sworn in.

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