McAuliffe Campaign Gives Democrats 2014 Playbook

Outside money makes a difference, as demonstrated by Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe’s successful bid for the state’s highest office.

McAuliffe’s campaign could provide a template for future Democrats’ campaigns, and serves as a warning to Republicans.

According to the Associated Press, “Nominally independent committees, political action groups, environmentalists and unions poured almost $14 million into McAuliffe’s campaign. He went on to raise and spend almost $33 million to defeat Republican Ken Cuccinelli.”

However, money that didn’t go through McAuliffe’s campaign helped him just as much. In the weeks leading up to the election, allies spent an additional $3 million airing television ads in support of McAuliffe.

This year’s elections will be the first in which both parties fully embrace outside groups and their ability to influence voters.

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