Majority of Virginians oppose Medicaid expansion

A majority of Virginia voters oppose using federal Medicaid funds to expand health care coverage, but strongly want the General Assembly to compromise, according to a Christopher Newport University poll released today. About 53 percent of participants oppose expansion, compared to 41 percent who support it.

The survey reveals that Virginia voters say they are not happy with the direction of the state, with 44 percent saying things in the Commonwealth are mostly going in the wrong direction, and 42 percent saying they are mostly going in the right direction. Positive views on the direction of the state have dropped by 8% since February.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that while 7 out of 10 voters want Democrats who favor expansion and Republicans who are opposed to find a compromise on the issue, the results suggest the argument made by GOP lawmakers made to separate the issue from budget negotiations is winning support.

If the state government shuts down, Virginians are overwhelming in their support of Governor McAuliffe using his executive orders to keep the key functions of state government running.

The results of this poll are based on 806 interviews of registered Virginia voters, including 386 by cell phone and 420 by landline, conducted April 16-22, 2014. 

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