Warner Begins Reelection Bid With Tour Across VA

On Thursday, U.S. Senator Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) began his journey to reelection- literally. Warner kicked off his bid with a six-day tour across the state of Virginia.

As he shared his professional growth, from entrepreneur to politician, in Richmond, small business people from across the state came out to show support and ask about his future ideas.

On the subject of entrepreneurship, Warner inspired some of the crowd with “Innovators in the room, I failed miserably twice,” he said. “Third shot though, I got into a little business called cell phones, managed to eke out a living.”

Warner also expressed his thoughts on the recent Veterans Affairs scandal, stating that he, like many other Democrats across the nation, is requesting that Veterans Administration Secretary, Eric K. Shinseki, resign.

“Like every American, I’m outreached by the lack of care to our veterans,” Warner said.

It is projected that Warner will run against Ed Gillespie (R) in November, which will be officially determined at the state convention in Roanoke next month.

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